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Getting serious

I’m working on a strategy….I’ll call it my Work-Life Balance Collaboration Strategy. My company uses a SharePoint platform for web2.0 (~ish) capabilities.  I’ve dabbled with adding web parts but haven’t really spent the time to plan what it is I want to accomplish with this space.  I even was fired-up for a whole month and blogged once a week.  I’m getting closer and getting some clarity into a way ahead.

My goal over the next 10 days is to improve my internal content (static and dynamic) while also not duplicating effort. I want to share what I’m doing at work (probably via yammer), with some non-work related activities (probably via twitter or feeding facebook), incorporate LinkedIn for networking (with the wordpress plug-in!), share GReader, and also integrate my wordpress blog with an internal company blog.  The articles that really got me motivated and encouraged were “10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners” ( and “34 More Ways to Build Your Social Network” (

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a GenXer who really likes where we’re going with web2.0 collaboration and sharing. More than that, my generation must bridge the gap between the soon-to-be-retired Boomers and the web-savvy GenY and Millennials. I want to capture (read: not lose) the wisdom of the senior management while also leveraging technology to potentially accelerate that knowledge sharing.