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#oow09 correction: Exadata V2 has 5 TB flash cache memory – not flash disk.

#oow09 Exadata V2 has 5 TeraBytes of Flash memory and 400 GB DRAM – wow.

#oow09 IBM counters that Oracles’s claim of 16X increase may only be 6X

#oow09 Larry Ellison highlights that Oracle Linux is deployed twice as often as RHEL.

#oow09 infosys CEO makes a good point: in 2000 years learning has only progressed from the blackboard to a powerpoint slide; he recommends better training through personalization and collaboration.

#oow09 | @oracleopenworld, Top 10 Swag? FlipVideos should make the list.

I’ve crossed a gadget geek threshold, I’m sitting here fumbling with my BB to Ping with my FlipVideo strapped to my wrist. 🙂